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We advise, support, evaluate and educate on the integration of technological solutions - from concept to execution, we co-create innovation strategies and digital customer experiences through Blockchain, AI, IoT, and Sustainability.


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Our community is a worldwide network of blockchain, AI, IoT, and sustainable tech experts united under one goal - to co-create better innovation strategies. Want to be a part of it? Get in touch with us.

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In November 2017, ScanTrust closed $4.2 million in Series A financing with the investment round joined by innogy Ventures (venture arm of innogy SE, one of Europe’s largest utility companies)—the two companies met through Connect Global's event, when members of the innogy Ventures team approached ScanTrust at their booth and instantly saw potential. “Innogy has since become a key partner for ScanTrust, not only by participating in our Series A but working to further develop our business activities in Germany. In addition to meeting and networking with investors and other startups, we also got the opportunity to connect with some potential clients” — Nathan J. Anderson, ScanTrust CEO


On behalf of BASF, Connect Global organised a 48-hours business hackathon with 8 pre-selected startups. The objective of the hackathon was co-designed by Connect Global and BASF - to create a concept of the digital sales strategy for BASF’s products Keropur and Glysantin. The startups have been selected for their expertise in the relevant industries: chemistry, automotive sector, digital marketing, digital sales, e-commerce specialists, logistics, data-mining & digital consultancy. The jury has decided unanimously that Lupiter and Personalics would split the 10.000 euros prize and set up a new direction for the sales teams of Keropur and Glysantin.


German transport giant DB Cargo was looking to establish a partnership with an AI startup to solve an industrial problem. DB Cargo wanted to effectuate this partnership with the support of the Mfund, a fund allocated by the German government in the fields of Mobility 4.0, digital innovation and open data. Following a pitching event with preselected startups organized by Connect Global, DB Cargo opted for Inspirient, Berlin-based startup focusing on simplifying data analysis by automatically searching for insights in the business data.

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