B-Hub For Europe

Facilitating Collaboration Between Public Services, Companies and Startups for the Blockchain Development

Seeking to connect blockchain innovation ecosystems to accelerate startups’ growth.

By facilitating collaboration between start-ups, public players, companies and large groups, B-Hub for Europe brings blockchain technologies closer to the market and enables a knowledge transfer beneficial to all European economic players.

B-hub’s offer is threefold:

  1. For startups: personalised support, connecting with potential users of blockchain solutions, and meeting Italian, German, Lithuanian, Romanian and French blockchain ecosystems
  2. For companies and public service players: training on the potential applications of the blockchain, connecting with startups that can address use cases
  3. For all: the animation of a European community around the blockchain (events, mapping of initiatives, research resources …)

Interested to join the project as a startup, public or private company or looking to find out more about the future of blockchain in the EU?


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B-Hub for Europe Partners:

The five consortium partners are:

B-Hub project was selected in the framework of Horizon Europe’s call ICT 33, organized by Startup Europe, a department of the DG Connect. The program started in January 2020.

B-Hub in numbers:

  • 150+ startups;
  • 2500+ impacted people;
  • Up to 50 startups will receive support with market acceleration services;
  • Up to 300 people involved in raising awareness and delivering training sessions;
  • Up to 25 startups will be engaged in a European Discovery Tour within the 5 ecosystems;
  • Up to 60 public-private organizations and 40 startups brought together to define best practices for blockchain.