Our Industry Services


The time to build competence is now.

Blockchain is still in pilot mode. But the time to build competence is now.

Work with us to:

    • Develop
    • get support from highly qualified teams of blockchain developers, lawyers, and industry experts;
    • identify use cases;
    • conceptualize tokenization;
    • set up a pilot project and MVP.
    • Perform a Tech Audit
    • smart-contract audit;
    • code review;
    • Get an Introduction
    • customized workshops based on your business needs & structure;
    • assessment of company's structure and blockchain integration

Artificial Intelligence

Today's AI applications are focusing on narrow tasks. But together these narrow tasks are reshaping businesses, governments, and markets.

  • We will run a comprehensive assessment of AI integration into your business processes and identify where it will bring value
  • Identify the potential business and financial value
  • Bring in industry experts with the relevant experience to set up a concept and pilot project
  • Help you incorporate AI as a part of daily tasks of your team


Environmental instability demands new approach towards environmental governance among businesses.
Without digital technology, companies cannot ease their pollution footprint or manage waste.

Our goal is to empower enterprises get a full understanding of sustainability:

  • From foodwaste management to blockchain-based solutions for responsible mining - we will introduce you to the best-in-class sustainable tech concepts
  • Support with the development of sustainability strategy with our network of experts